What we do

We’re here to represent, support and guide our parish and town council members.

Through service agreements, BALC can offer a full range of services to its member councils. For the smaller councils particularly, this can be an invaluable source of help and advice on anything from legal to admin or procedural matters. Using these contracted services allows BALC to retain its own individual identity as a County Association with full responsibility for all democratic aspects of the Association. This includes the setting and development of policy and will continue to provide a collective voice for all parish and town councils in Berkshire. The BALC Executive Committee continues to maintain and develop the Association and give representation on various external bodies and organisations, local, regional and nationally.

The member services includes:

Advice and support – Trusted and experienced experts will be on hand to offer advice on all aspects of running a local council, acting as an extension of your team whenever you need them.

You’ll also have 24/7 access to guidance notes and important updates in your online Member Area.

Training and networking – You can access subsidised training to help your teams work effectively and adapt to any changes that may impact local councils.

Information – A monthly newsletter will keep you up to date on all issues, policies and legislation affecting the sector.