About Us

BALC is one of 38 county associations in England affiliated to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC). We support and advise town and parish councils in Berkshire.

NALC cover about 8,500 local councils in England and is based in London. They lobby central government on behalf of their members and set national strategic policy, supported by a legal team. NALC also produces the LCR (Local Council Review) and the bi-weekly DIS (Direct Information Service), which are a prime source of information relating to the local council sector.

BALC is administered by an Executive Committee which:

  • Provides for the conduct, administration, management and control of the affairs of the Association’

  • Is made up of representatives either by election by district associations in the county (where there is one) or by co-option.
  • B.A.L.C.executive committee P. Barnett  - Newbury Town Council (Chair), R. Mantel - Twyford Parish Council, R. Cottingham - Hermitage Parish Council, G. Harper - Winnersh Parish Council (Vice-Chair), L. O'Flynn - Datchet Parish Council, T. O'Flynn - Datchet Parish Council, F. Breedlove (Treasurer), M. Coker- Cookham Parish Council,  Sandra Baker - Hurley Parish Council (Secretary), R. Rodford - Hampshire Association of Local Councils.  R. Cundy- Finchampstead Parish Council.

  • Elects one representative to serve on NALC’s Council (In Berkshire this is currently Cllr Tim O'Flynn from Datchet Parish Council) and appoints two other members to attend the NALC AGM

  • Is serviced by a secretariat (the County Executive Officer/BALC office) on behalf of their members and set national strategic policy

at a garden fete

The services provided by the BALC Office for member councils include:

  • Administration for the membership

  • Training for councillors and clerks

  • Dissemination of information
  • A regular e-newsletter 

  • Other information such as legislation and consultation documents relevant to the work of town and parish councils

  • Responding to individual enquiries from member councils

  • Liaison with NALC when necessary

  • Drafting responses to consultation documents and lobbying other authorities

  • Administration of Quality Council accreditation

  • Processing Public Works Loan Board applications

  • Maintaining this website which provides news and a huge library of legal topic notes and other documents relevant to town and parish councils.